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Back pain is a common problem that affects many people at one time or another. It is important that the underlying cause be determined before an appropriate treatment can be utilized. For this reason patients are advised to seek the advise of a qualified healthcare provider to ensure that a more serious condition is not being missed.

There are many differently credentialed individuals that work in health care. Often times it is not clear by the name badge or the uniform what the person actually does or is supposed to do. This post will hopefully shed some light on the subject.

I’m sure you remember from your middle-school and high-school health class that an erection is caused by blood flow into the penis. This blood flow can be enhanced by nerve stimulation.  The more blood that can flow in the more engorged and firm the penis becomes.  There are several factors that can affect blood flow […]

This is true if it is done in the traditional approach of the current medical model. The problem with the current medical model is that it is hinged on doing things to people for which the tax payer, insurance company or individual can be billed. If you do nothing to the patient then you have […]

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