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The private practice in Manhattan is expanding to include psychiatric house calls including care for Adolescents, Adults, Geriatrics, Family Therapy, and Psychopharmacology. Tele-health options available for established patients.

By Raymond Zakhari, NP Many patients do not exactly know what the difference is between these various mental health care providers and hopefully this article will clarify the difference.  A psychotherapist is a term used to describe any mental health professional regardless of their training level. It refers to the talk therapy that occurs within […]

Concierge medicine is rapidly gaining traction among People who are looking to establish a meaningful relationship with their primary care provider. Patients are yearning to experience a different kind of medical care – one where their a doctor spends quality time with them instead of rushing off to complete paperwork, or see the next person […]

Prepared by: Raymond Zakhari, NP founder of web based primary care medical house calls solutions that take the hassles out of going to the doctor. When someone is looking for a geriatric care manager they are often left wondering exactly what is it that they are paying for? The Geriatric Care Manager can be […]

In the last 5 years the demand for primary health care services has continued to increase, while the supply of physicians trained in primary care has continued to decrease. Medical students choosing to enter specialties geared toward a career in primary care has steadily declined. As a result a work around solution has developed that […]

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder vs child attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Most adults occasionally experience inattentive, impulsive, and hyperactive behaviors from time to time. Every person has an occasional experience of misplacing keys, getting distracted at work, blurting out something on impulse or interrupting inadvertently. However, for adults with ADHD, these symptoms appear more often and […]

It comes as a surprise to many people that often times the underlying cause is not known and may not be known without subjecting a person to more pain and suffering. In these instances targeting the symptoms of discomfort becomes the more humane method of treatment.

Preventive care can be the most cost-effective care provided. Whether its immunizations to prevent infections, physical exam screenings for breast, colon, testicular, prostate cancers, or surveys for depression, anxiety, and coping ability. The annual physical exam does not need to be a rote fruitless ritual that many have gotten used to by their managed care […]

Less than 10% of emergency room visits are actual emergencies.

The company I just founded in it’s first week of operation saved a Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC almost $2000.  It saved the patient from spending several hours in the Emergency Room. There was a patient that was traveling in the NYC area who had injured himself and suspected that he had a fracture. […]