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Many men are embarrassed by this subject because we in the Western world are taught that this type of subject is disgusting. It isn’t. Many think that prostate massage is nothing more than another means of sexual gratification. It most certainly is not! It is a valuable tool for maintaining good prostate health. Each year […]

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Take advantage, New York, of our nurse practitioners — Page 1 — Times Union – Albany NY. Primary Care by Nurse Practitioners in Manhattan.

NOTE: Most men have 2-10 of these symptoms Urinary frequency (need to urinate often, usually more than once every two hours) Urinary urgency (hard to hold urination once urge occurs) Sitting triggers or exacerbates discomfort/pain/symptoms Pain or discomfort during or after ejaculation Discomfort/aching/pain in the rectum (feels like a “golf ball” in the rectum) Discomfort/pain […]

High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke. Undiagnosed high blood pressure is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

I’m sure you remember from your middle-school and high-school health class that an erection is caused by blood flow into the penis. This blood flow can be enhanced by nerve stimulation.  The more blood that can flow in the more engorged and firm the penis becomes.  There are several factors that can affect blood flow […]