Men’s Health Annual Physical 2014


This is the year you leave your pediatrician and find your very own big boy doctor! 

It is 2014 and this is the year you have decided to establish a relationship with a primary care provider and take charge of your health.  In NYC it is getting increasingly difficult to find a doctor you trust. Most guys have not had a physical since their senior year of high school and remember how embarrassing it was. Most guys only go to the doctor when they are deathly ill because of how inconvenient it has become. Men cannot afford to take off half the day to wait in a crowded germ filled waiting room only to be rushed along to a specialist referral.

 Many patients complain that they feel less like a known individual and more like a claim number and diagnosis when they go to a doctor’s office. Metro Medical Direct was built on the premise of taking the hassles out of going to the doctor and relationship based care.  In 2014 why not establish care with a new primary care provider who takes the time to get to know you on your own terms. One who gives you his cell phone number, and who will text and email you your results. One you don’t have to take off half a day to see. One who will see you in your home or office on evenings or weekends? One who will see you by web camera if you don’t need to be physically seen in person?

Does such a place exist? Yes more and more primary care practices are realizing that patients want easier accessibility to care and do not want to explain a problem repeatedly to front of the house staff or be kept on hold endlessly.

Metro Medical Direct is a web enhanced primary care medical house calls practice in Manhattan that can provide you with the annual physical exam and other primary care service you may need.  Services are provided at your home, office or hotel in Manhattan with the goal of promoting your health and happiness.  A happy, well-adjusted person is going to heal faster than a person who is unhappy with their lives.

Your visit will begin with a preliminary assessment of your state of mind, well-being, and emotional health. This can be a direct link to the overall condition your body may be in, and we encourage everyone to be more aware of their own ability to influence general health through an initial comprehensive physical examination.

The men’s health comprehensive physical exam is unique in that it includes a detailed interview and review of your life history with particular emphasis on your family health, personal lifestyle, daily habits, relationships, nutrition, health care encounters, sexual well being, occupational hazards, and psychological stressors. After the interview, a physical exam which is designed to survey all body systems and focus in on any problem areas of concern. The final portion of the comprehensive physical exam is specific health education session in which specific health concerns are discussed and you can ask any questions you may have always wanted to ask. The health education session may also be deferred to a later web camera session if time is constrained.

If you are looking for a new kind of primary care a trusted health care professional and confidant then request your appointment and start your year off right. Do not make the mistake that most men make and find a doctor when you are already sick, and in no position to ask questions. Use your annual physical exam to check out different health care providers to see who you would want to work with if you were to get sick.


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