Diabetes Care: What is new?


What’s new with Diabetes Screening?

According to the latest guidelines from the American Diabetes Association:

Glycosolated Hemaglobin also known as HgbA1C

Less than 5.7% Non-diabetic
5.8-6.4% Increased risk of diabetes, formerly known as Pre Diabetes

And now > 6.4 = Diabetes

What does your HgbA1c mean with respect to your average daily blood sugar?

The eAG (estimated average glucose) is obtained by using GLYCOHGB A1C BY  using the formula:

28.7 (HbA1c) – 46.7 = eAGing

So at your next physical exam make sure your primary care provider checks your HgbA1C. You do not have to fast before this test and it will give you an idea of how your blood sugars have been for the last 3 months.

Raymond Zakhari, NP


Primary care medical house call, Manhattan


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