Primary Care: Get in while you can


This flu season is supposed to be one of the worst in history. It will complicated by the new pandemic of H1N1 (swine flu). The supply of seasonal flu vaccine that is available has been delivered, and now all efforts are H1N1 (swine flu) development.

In addition to getting immunized, many patients that do come down with flu may require a prescription for antiviral medication (Tami Flu). If this season is congests primary care offices and ERs patients may have to wait to get in. If you wait longer than 48-72 hours then you will be out of the treatment window and you will have to ride out the 7-20 day course of illness.

Patients are advised to get into a primary care provider relationship before the rush ensues. This will be especially essential if you are a frequent traveler, or going off to college or any other communal living arrangement.

Consider also enrolling in your company Flex Spending Account. If your in-network provider is unable to see you this will allow you the funds to see an out-of-network provider or fee-for-service health care provider.

The best strategy this flu season will be prevention. Wash your hands, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and make an appointment now before you are sick for a physical exam (establish a primary care relationship).

Raymond Zakhari, NP is the first web-based primary care medical house calls serving the NYC area. Taking the hassles out of going to the doctor, and keeping you out of infected waiting rooms.  Allowing patients to have a similar service to members of Congress’s office of the attending physician.

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