Urological Health and Wellness: Male enhancement


Here is a list of 3 things that men can do to help enhance their sexual performance and function:

1) Eat Well: Animal protein is particularly helpful for the brain and nervous system as it contains fats and proteins essential for the nerves. These include the omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Excellent foods for the nervous system are eggs, meats, nuts, root vegetables and oily fish such as sardines and salmon. If you practice a vegan diet then consider taking these in the form of a supplement. (Remember to keep high fat and oils in the refrigerator to keep them from going rancid).

Exercise for reproductive health & Your PC Muscles

2) Kegel Exercise

The PC muscle will atrophy in men and women if it’s not exercised regularly. This muscle isresponsible for  firmer erections in men. Kegel exercises restore muscle tone and strenth in the PC muscle.

Now before you cringe too much just hear me out.

3) Prostate massage is once again becoming more widely recommended as researchers discover that prostate massage complements and increases the effectiveness of antibiotics. Massage can ease prostate symptoms, improve the circulation of blood in the prostate, help cleanse the gland, promote bladder health, and enhance sexual capabilities. Why? Because a large part of sexuality is circulation dependent. And given how much sitting we do in modern times this preventative measure helps by facilitating circulation to the prostate gland. Much like a massage to the rest of your body yields a therapeutic effect on your muscles.

Many find that prostate massage itself is successful where other remedies have failed. It can be done 1 to 3 times per week to relieve chronic prostatitis symptoms. Once the symptoms have gone away, then weekly to monthly  is sufficient to keep the prostate healthy. While others prefer not to take long term medications.

It is very important to be sure you do not have a condition called acute prostatitis before having this done, because this can cause a severe infection requiring hospitalization. Also be sure the medical provider doing the procedure is qualified and knows what they are doing. If this is done to vigorously significant damage can arise. It should be done with no more pressure than you put to your eyeball.

3 Responses to “Urological Health and Wellness: Male enhancement”

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    I agree with the eat well part as most people leave out the nervous system when talking about sexual function, but ironically kegal exercises are vastly propagated yet they actual stimulate sympathetic nervous activity and contribute to premature ejaculation so this I never recommend.

    • I’m not sure that the exercise actually stimulates the sympathetic nervous system as much as it enhances blood blood, thereby heightening sensitivity leading to sometimes a more premature ejaculation. I actually do not think PE is a physical as much as it is a psychological phenomena. Because the same person with PE can have a retarded ejaculation depending on the circumstances.
      Prostate massage teaches men to tolerate an increased sensitivity and allows for a crescendo effect instead of rapid acceleration unto climax. It too stimulates blood flow to the region and also serve to intensify the feeling as well.

  2. Sexual and urological complications of diabetes are related to the nerve damage it can cause throughout your body. Damaged nerves can’t communicate properly, thus even though you might be emotionally stimulated to have intercourse, that information isn’t relayed to the penis and it doesn’t respond due to nerve damage. Men may have difficulty with erections or ejaculation. Men with diabetes who also have cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, face an even greater likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction because the added damage to blood vessels.

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